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Phan Anh Nguyen – Omnicom Media Group

Search Account Coordinator at Omnicom Media Group.
TUS Class of 2021.

What was your highlights of your time studying at TUS?

I spent 5 years studying at TUS, completing 3 degrees from level 6 to 8. Throughout the years, as an international student, I was especially close with the International Office staff. They were very kind and reliable which helped me a lot while being away from home. I also got closer with our module’s key lecturers Aisling and Louise as we spent our years of college together.

What did you learn at TUS that has helped you in your current role?

I enjoyed the 4 years partaking in the Digital Marketing course, as I do believe it gave me a good foundation to develop myself as a Digital Marketing Specialist. Due to this, I was able to learn on-the-job and adapt faster with my work. Business is everywhere around us, and the world is going towards digital. While this field is definitely challenging because everything is changing so rapidly. This is what also keeps things interesting for me.

What are your career aims for the future?

In my dream role, I would want to be inspired to continue learning while being able to implement my knowledge at a strategic level. Ideally, I would like to work as a Digital Marketing Director, but maybe after 10 more years!

Have you any advice for a prospective student?

My advice would be try to stay motivated and inspired. Look for ways to test/apply what you learn with practical situations. Try to practice popular tools such as Google Ads, SEM Rush, SimilarWebb, etc. Just knowing theory will make it harder for you when you start working.

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