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Mark Lynch – HubSpot

Program Manager – HubSpot.
TUS Class of 2019.

What was your highlights of your time studying at TUS?

The biggest highlight for me was the hands on support that I received from the lecturers. The process of learning complex modules can look entirely different depending on your individual learning style. If you were willing to put in the work, the lecturers were there to ensure things were explained in a way that resonated with you. This is not the type of service you would receive in most third level institutes. Lecturers acted as mentors which made learning much easier.

What did you learn at TUS that has helped you in your current role?

Program Management requires many skills which I learned at TUS. The three skills that stand out are, designing a project plan, identifying the project timelines, and working closely with others to achieve a common goal. These three skills are crucial in any project for it to be successful. It doesn’t matter in what industry. Their passion for digital: In truth, when I enrolled at TUS, I didn’t have a passion for digital. I saw it as an opportunity to learn skills in an industry that had a vast growth potential. However, once I started learning some more about the industry, my passion for digital grew with my knowledge of it. Inbound Marketing has been my number one passion since studying it at TUS. Once you pair the Inbound methodology with data driven decision making, you can focus your content offerings around optimising the customer journey. In addition, Inbound Marketing and data driven decision making allows you to easily identify areas for growth by isolating weak points in your marketing strategy.

What are your career aims for the future?

I want to continue learning about developing strategic processes. Just like any marketing strategy, you need to identify important growth areas and implementing strategies to avail of those growth opportunities. My end goal is to be CEO of a tech company. Admittedly, I have a lot to learn, but I’m happy with my current career journey and look to soak up as much experience as I can with the opportunities that I find myself with.

Have you any advice for a prospective student?

Be open minded to where you want to go in your career and how TUS’s Digital Marketing degree can get you there. You will find modules that you really enjoy and have a passion for. Some modules are creative, others are technical, and some a psychological. Embrace the different aspects of them all and identify the ones that get you excited. Double down on those modules and soak up all the information you can get. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to connect with TUS alumni on LinkedIn. Even reach out to them for advice. We’re all here to help, and we love to hear from TUS students.

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