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Laura Carroll – Bold Craft Marketing

Junior Digital Marketing Executive at Bold Craft Marketing
TUS Class of 2022.

What was the highlight of your time studying at TUS?
I enjoyed every minute at TUS. I got to meet some amazing people along the way who I am now lucky to call my life long friends. I got the opportunity to study really interesting modules throughout the four years of my course. The support we received from our lecturers was exceptional, they were available to provide us with help whenever we needed it.

What did you learn at TUS that has helped you in your current role?
In fourth year I think the Capstone project really helped me to see what digital marketing jobs would look like in the future. During the project we got the opportunity to create a digital marketing strategy for our chosen business. We learned how to create content, create marketing campaigns, conduct market research, create Google Ad and Facebook Ad campaigns and report on results from each campaign. These are all different aspects that I carry out every day in my current role as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive.

Tell us about your Passion for Digital
I am deeply passionate about leveraging digital channels to create meaningful and impactful marketing campaigns. I am very enthusiastic about exploring the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying up to date with the latest trends, tools, and strategies.

What are your Career Aims for the Future?
I am currently working as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive. I am really happy in my role and I am learning something new everyday. I work with a Digital Marketing agency where I have the chance to engage with various businesses and address their diverse digital marketing requirements. I enjoy the agency environment as it allows me to gain insights into the unique workings of every business. I hope to one day progress into a senior role within the company.

What is your advice for a Prospective Student?
My advice would be to work hard, it will be tough but it will be worth it at the end. Reach out to your friends and class mates everyone is going through the same thing and it is great to support each other along the way. The digital marketing landscape evolves very quickly. Stay up to date with industry trends, algorithm changes, and new technologies by following marketing blogs, and attending webinars.

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